Please join us for our rehearsal this Tuesday night! We rehearse and accept visitors and new members year-round.
A typical Carolina Harmony rehearsal 1-877-851-9188

Call us first
(in case we're rehearsing in a different location this week)

Tuesday evenings, 7:30 pm
(be sure to call us first ... occasionally we rehearse at different locations)
Masonic Temple
1520 Caswell St.
Raleigh, NC
(near the intersection of Wade Avenue and Glenwood Avenue)

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What we do:
We start with physical warm-ups at 7:30, followed by vocal warm-ups including vocal instruction. Then we do our musical rehearsal - the content varies based on our upcoming events. Then we have a short business meeting and conclude around 10:15 pm.
What to wear:
Casual clothing and comfortable shoes ... we stand on risers for most of the evening.

What to bring:
Bring plenty of water to drink and a pencil to take notes.
Please don't wear heavy perfume or hairspray. When we stand on the risers, the fragrances can make those standing around you uncomfortable. We also try to limit talking while we are on the risers so we get the most out of our rehearsal time.
Contact us:
Call toll-free 1-877-851-9188 before visiting a rehearsal, to make sure that we will be in our regular location.