Quartets within the Chorus contribute greatly to the performances at businesses, civic groups, conventions, singing "Valentunes", and promoting barbershop singing among high school students.

Each quartet has a unique repertoire and performing personality, and is available for performances at public and private events in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Speed of Sound
2014 International 2d Place

To contact Speed of Sound, visit their website

2014 International 6th Place

To contact Lustre, visit their website


Glitzando! Quartet

From the left:

Karen Cason (baritone)
Debbie Mickunas (lead)
Judy Drtina (bass)
Barbara Reed (tenor)

Glitzando! is a Raleigh-based female barbershop quartet who loves to bring pizzazz and a bunch of laughs to their performances. These four women have a ball combining their musicianship, musical theater, and barbershop skills together and were recently named Audience Choice Quartet at their Sweet Adeleine's 5-state Regional Competition in Winston Salem. Their harmonies, high energy, and fun is contagious - and a little bit glitzy!!

To contact Glitzando!, call Barbara at 919-817-5501,
or contact the quartet by email


Lace Quartet

From the left:
Ariel King (tenor)
Ellen Policastro (lead)
Christine Tenekjian (bass)
Laurinda Queen (baritone)

Lace has been singing together since 2009, and their diverse musical pasts make for an intricate weave of voices.

Laurinda Queen adds her wisdom and sultry baritone to the pattern, while Ariel King's church choir experience could explain a tenor voice the angels envy. Blessed with a wide vocal range, Christine Tenekjian has sung lead and tenor, but she now belts out one bodacious bass embellishment after another in this group. And Ellen Fussell Policastro leads with her jazzy rock roots to tie it all together.

To contact Lace, call Ellen at 919-619-5765,
or contact the quartet by email